Bet223 is committed to promoting responsible betting to its customers, to promoting awareness of the problem of gambling and to improve prevention, intervention and treatment.     Bet223’s responsible gaming policy sets out its commitment to minimize the negative effects of compulsive gambling and to promote responsible gambling practices.     Bet223 supports the generation of online gamers by providing them with a wide range of games and entertainment. We also take responsibility for our product line.     Bet223’s goal is to provide the world’s safest and most innovative gaming platform. for adults. The clear and safe products offered allow each user to play with their financial means and to receive the best service. Integrity, fairness and reliability are the key guiding principles of the work of Bet223. So it is clear that Bet223 should do their best to avoid and reduce the problems that may arise from participating in the game, in particular in cases of excessive gambling. At the same time, it is important to respect the rights of those who participate in games of chance to a reasonable extent as a means of entertainment.     Responsible gambling at Bet223 is based on three fundamental principles: player safety, game safety and protection against gambling addiction. In collaboration with institutes of research, associations and therapy institutions, we are working on the creation of a responsible, secure and reliable framework for online gaming.     Player safety   We take responsibility for the safety of our players. Player protection is based on the prohibition of the participation of minors from participation in games and the protection of life private, which implies responsible processing of personal data and payments.     The fairness and randomness of the products offered are closely monitored by organizations independent. Marketing communication is also geared towards the protection of players: we only promise what players can receive in our transparent line.     Protection against gambling addiction: research – prevention – intervention   The majority of users who make sports bets, casino bets and other gambling offers play in moderation for entertainment. Certain habits and behaviors (such as shopping, playing sports, eating or consuming alcohol) considered normal and not causing any concern can become addictive for some people and cause problems. Likewise, betting on sports and gambling can cause problems for a small group of customers.     Customers with a gambling addiction are prohibited from continuing to participate in the range of games. Subsequently, clients are provided with contacts of organizations where they can receive professional advice and support.     Self-responsibility is the most sustainable form of prevention   The basic principle promoted by Bet223 is that the final decision and the responsibility to play or not, and how much money can be spent on the game should be borne by the customer himself. Client self-responsibility is therefore the most effective form of protection against addiction.     Bet223 considers it its responsibility to assist customers by providing products transparent, complete information and maintaining a clear course of action.     Protection of minors   Bet223 does not allow minors (persons under the age of 18) to participate in games and play bets. That is why the confirmation of having reached the age of majority and the confirmation of date of birth are mandatory requirements during registration. Bet223 considers very seriously the question of minors who participate in games and betting. In order to offer the best possible protection for minors, we also count on the support of parents and caregivers. Please keep your data for account access in a safe place (username and password). past).     In addition, we recommend that you install filtering software. This software will allow you to restrict access to inappropriate Internet resources for children and adolescents.     Responsibility for problems   Bet223 offers a variety of games and betting which are forms of entertainment for the majority client. At the same time, the company takes responsibility for its customers by providing a support and tools for maintaining a safe and entertaining environment by taking account of the associated risks.     Customers who have difficulty assessing risks, recognizing their own limits or those who suffer from gambling addiction are not able to appreciate our range of responsibly and perceive it as a form of entertainment. Bet223 takes the responsibility of these users by blocking their access to its products for their own protection.     What is problematic gambling behavior?   Problem gambling behavior is considered behavior that interferes with lifestyle, work, financial situation or health of a person or their family. A long participation in the games is contraindicated for such a person, as it can lead to negative consequences.     In 1980, pathological gambling addiction was officially recognized and included in the list psychological diseases of the international classification system DSM-IV and ICD-10. It is defined as long, frequently repeating and amplifying the inclination for play, despite existing negative personal and social circumstances, such as debt, breach of family relationships and the retardation of professional growth.     When should a person’s behavior be considered addictive? It should be noted that diagnoses of gambling addiction can only be qualified by experts. The material presented on this web page will help you estimate and define your own playing behavior.     The particular danger of addictions which are not associated with any substance is that they are very difficult to define the line between pleasure and addiction. Nevertheless, some signals from diagnostic can indicate existing problems.     In the presence of at least five of the following symptoms, the likelihood of severe addiction is high: – The player is deeply involved in the game, all thoughts are only about the game. – The sum of the bets increases over time. – Attempts to give up or control his participation in the games seem unsuccessful. – By limiting their participation in the game, a person experiences irritation and disappointment. – Play is a way of escaping problems or discomfort. – The player tries to recover the lost amount, – Lies about his playing behavior, – Commits illegal acts, – Spoils or breaks the relationship with family and colleagues, – Borrow to participate in the games.     Rules for responsible gaming     By following the rules below, you can enjoy the game without fear: – Only start playing when you are calm and focused. – Take regular breaks. – Define by yourself the monthly amount you can spend on the game. – Once the maximum limit is set, do not increase it further. – Before starting to play, set the maximum amount of victory, after reaching this that you must stop playing. – Define how much you can afford to lose up front. – Do not start playing while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. – Do not start playing in a depressed state.